Maintenance Technicians, Plastics

Company Name:
Maintenance Technician I Plastics Injection and Assembly
(Probably "off shifts" - 2nd or 3rd shift)
Non-exempt hourly "bargaining unit" position (Eligible for 1.5 overtime after 40 hours and double time on Sundays & Holidays). Pay $25.50 per hour (shift differential $.20 2nd shift; $.25 3rd shift)
Candidates must complete on-line skills assessment on site (administered via 3rd party agency. Periodic wage increases.
Essential Functions
Ability to perform and diagnose hydraulic leaks and PMs.
General Knowledge of Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Blue-print Schematic Reading.
Ability to maintain machine functionality.
Ability to troubleshoot basic control circuits.
Basic computer skills.
Demonstrated understanding of the following:
1. Basic shop tools (hand tools, drills, lathes and milling machine)
2. Welding skills MIG, TIG, and Stick / Braze
3. Hydraulics theory & functionality
4. OHMs Law
5. Electronics theory
6. Bridge & Rail Cranes
7. Drilling / Tapping
8. Timers & Counter theory
9. Encoders / decoders theory
10. Circuit design & layout
11. Cutting & threading pipe
12. Basic pneumatic troubleshooting & repair
13. Building maintenance plant lighting, compressors and emergency lighting
14. Bending conduit and pulling wire
15. Installation & set-up of motor contactors and VFDS
16. PLC and HMI maintenance & troubleshooting (including Ladder logic)
17. Advanced electrical and blueprint schematic reading
18. Integrated circuit troubleshooting
19. Wire control circuits for 5, 12, 24, and 120 volts
20. Advanced pneumatic circuit design
21. Advanced welding skills
22. Capable of sizing motor starters and overloads for an application.
Qualifications & Experience:
High school Diploma or GED and a technical degree are required.
Requires detailed knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems, and well as, all auxiliary equipment.
Demonstrated experience with programmable logic controllers is required.
Ability to work well with others in a team oriented environment without supervision.
Two - four years work experience in a similar role is needed.
Job stable work history essential. Must be US Citizen or current holder of a VISA not requiring any form of sponsorship.

Don't Be Fooled

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